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Avene Cleanance HYDRA Soothing Cream

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SKIN TYPES - Dry skin | Acne-prone skin

Rich, nourishing cream helps minimize the appearance of redness while boosting the skin's natural defenses that have been compromised from harsh, drying acne treatments. Ideal for use in conjunction with acne treatments.

  • Helps restore compromised skin barriers agitated by harsh, acne treatments
  • Deeply nourishes the skin while replenishing moisture and comfort
  • Moisturizes and reinforces skin's natural barrier
  • Clinically shown to reduce visible swelling, flaking and dryness, in 7 days
  • Formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions
  • Won't clog pores, paraben-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, animal-derived ingredient-free, and AHA/BHA-free

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Avene Cleanance HYDRA Soothing Cream